Peace in the Chaos

Out Damn Worry…Out!

I come from a long line of worriers. The constant dialogue of how major catastrophes are always just waiting around the corner and the only way to stop them from happening is to visualise them clearly in your mind!

It’s amazing I ever left the house, let alone moved to the other side of the world without having ever been here before.

Over time I have come to understand how destructive this style of thinking is. The amount of time it takes from your life and the toll it takes on your physical and mental well-being.

Finding Peace Through Mindfulness

Maybe it’s approaching 40 or maybe it’s just that I’m sick of wasting my years worried about shit that may or may not happen. A dear friend told me once that worrying literally resolves nothing. It helps no one and it offers no positive benefits to the worrier. So why do we do it? Habit? Environment? Parental influence? Genetics?  Or perhaps it’s the fault of the media?  Either way we have a choice…we can worry or we can find a way to let it go.

Earlier I wrote a blog about my search for a meditative practice that would calm my chaotic mind, Inner Peace and Working on Not Saying F*&K Throughout the Day. I have been practicing Meta Meditation for 3 weeks now. The results are moderate, but enough for me to sit up, take notice and continue on.  I am not lying awake at 3am worrying about work, what someone said, money, what I’m doing with my life, whether I will be remembered when I die…on and on…icebergs melting, global warming, ruthless politicians playing with our lives! None of it. I have been sleeping like a baby.  I feel happier upon waking. I handle challenges calmly.  And most importantly I treasure my time of complete stillness.

Switching off the Autopilot

Recently I picked up a new book from the library called “Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World” by Mark Williams and Danny Penman. It is an 8-week programme building upon practices that help to calm your mind in a meaningful way. It even has an app that you can use to help you through your meditations. Each day focusing on something you would normally just autopilot through, like brushing your teeth or drinking a cup of tea, has had such a huge impact on just enjoying the moment.  This has helped me to deal with the millions of thoughts that come and go through out my day.

I am on week 1 and I am enjoying it immensely. It is building upon my Meta practice and for the first time in a long time I truly feel an inner calm and acceptance I didn’t know would be possible for me!

Connecting with Loved Ones

I had been cruising through life without really paying attention to the here and now. I was always worried about “what next”; the next holiday, the next weekend, the next day, the next hour, the next pay check, but what about right now? The mhmmms and sures, without really paying attention to what was going on around me. Completely caught up in my own thoughts and worries, thinking I was protecting my loved ones by keeping it all in my head, but I was damaging and hurting my children and partner, by not being present with them.

Of all of the things I have done in my life to better my life and health; the gym passes, the spinning classes, the diet changes…learning to be more mindful and quieten my mind has been the most beneficial to all aspects of my being.

Inspiring Resources

If you are interested in finding out more check out the following:

The Meditating Millennial

Fabulous blog following the journey of a young twenty-something’s research on meditation and mindfulness practice on their day to day life – well worth the read!

TED Talk: The Art of Stillness with Pico Iyer

Time well spent listening to Pico’s amazing journeys and the importance of stillness for making sense of life!

“No where is magical, unless you can bring the right eyes to it!” – Pico Iyer

What about you?

Would love to hear from you and your experiences with meditation and mindfulness. What have you done that has brought more meaning to your life?

B x


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