Terminal Velocity

Rat Race Rush

Today we rush around like busy little bees travelling at the speed of light. Always on a mission, always something to do. Usually a million things at once and that constant feeling of never having enough time, enough money or enough sleep.

It’s so hard to step off that train. To allow yourself the time and space to do the things you want to do.

The harsh truth is if we don’t proactively manage our time and how we spend it, it will slip away from us. Tomorrow is not a given and yesterday is done. All we have is right now. So what choices are you going to make to claw back the life you know you want to live and lead?

I am a stereotypical woman of the days. I have two kids, I’m divorced, I work a corporate job that sometimes takes me away from home, but more often than not takes me away while I am here with my family and I try to squeeze in some physical/spiritual/mental wellbeing malarkey.

I woke one day to find my son taller than me and my daughter beginning her transition into the awkward phase of pre-teen. I look in the mirror and no longer recognise the person looking back. The endless days of possibility that danced before us in our early twenties are no longer endless. I am half way or more through life. If I don’t do what I want to do now, then when will I?

So my search to calm my mind and be more present with my loved ones is a big driver. I don’t want to wake up one day and realise that I have missed it all.  To live with the regret that I didn’t live my life to the absolute fullest is one of the biggest fears I have.

Find the Time – Make Yourself a Priority

I watched an inspirational TED talk by Laura Vanderkam on How to Gain Control of Your Free Time.

Laura had great tips on how to get time back to do the things you love, but in order to do that you have to consider it a priority. It’s about creating a vision of where you want to be in your life. If you were to make changes, at the end of the year, what things will you have achieved or done? What will you be feeling, thinking and saying about the year past? Once you have this vision, break it down, how will you get there, what will you need to do, who can help you (create time, look after the kids, do the chores; so that you don’t have to)? How long will you give yourself to achieve this? How much time will you set aside each day? Make a plan. Share your goals. Do it! Forgive yourself for not being perfect, love yourself and the process along the way.

  1. Vision of how you want your life to look
  2. Work backwards to make your goals realistic and workable
  3. Be specific (what exactly do you want to achieve)
  4. Get help (grandparents, partners, friends, children)
  5. Set parameters (when, where, how, time)
  6. Do it
  7. Enjoy the learning process and change
  8. Forgive and relax (change takes time)

A Small Change – Do What You Love

Today is Sunday. I woke to find dishes in the sink, laundry on the floor and a living room carpet that is in desperate need for a vacuum. The children are with their dad. So I have no responsibility other than what I make a priority. Normally I would waste the day cleaning, but today I consciously chose to do something for me. I had done a sketch of my cat earlier in the week, so I decided today I would create a watercolour painting from it. The sun was shining through the studio doors, music was playing, my coffee was hot and tasty and I felt a great sense of calm and inner peace! It was everything I had hoped it would be and more.

Life is short! Today is all we have. Make yourself and the ones you love a priority. Everything else is just filler!

What are you going to change in order to make time for the things you want?

Happy Sunday to you, may you find your sparkle!

B x


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