Out of the Darkness

It’s been a while since my last post. I guess it’s because I haven’t really had the desire to write.

Life decided to throw a few curve balls my way. Like she does to everyone. Without warning or any consideration of the plans that I had. One day you wake up, ambling along your path, minding your own business and then….BAM! Suddenly the world is turned upside down and chaos ensues.

Finding your sense of balance feels impossible. It’s like being a new-born again…only with memories of what was and broken dreams of what could have been.

I hid for a long time. I couldn’t explain it to friends when I was still trying to figure out myself.

Life continues on,  cruel in her indifference to it all, but also a blessing, as you can’t sit and wallow for too long. There is no choice but to move forward. To find the strength needed to face another day, to find a new path, to make alternate plans and one day have dreams of the future again.  Some call it resilience. Others call it getting on with life.

So here I am, back again and getting on with things. Life may have turned my world upside down, but I feel new strength and purpose coursing through my veins.

Key things I have learnt:

  • Be kind to and love yourself, take the time needed to heal your heart, it’s a different process for everyone
  • Celebrate each day you get up and get on with it, even if it doesn’t feel like you’re winning
  • Forgive, no room for hatred and loathing, that focuses on the past and is something you will never fix
  • Find something that brings you joy, the smallest things can make all the difference

“That which does not destroy, strengthens.”   Friedrich Nietzsche

B x


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