I was born and raised on the expansive and wild prairies of Canada.  I grew up on farm,in a place called Glenboro. My best friends were my horse Chester and a goat named Sadie, until my little sister came along! I spent countless hours on my own or with my animal friends exploring and sketching my surroundings. To say that my childhood was beyond average is an understatement.

After studying Education at the University of Manitoba, I had the great fortune to be recruited to teach the wonderful youth of Great Britain. Twenty years, numerous job changes, two children and one divorce later I am still in the UK living a life I never imagined possible, helping others to improve their lives both professionally and personally through behavioural and mind-set change.

I am driven by creativity. I have been drawing from a young age and have dabbled in a wide range of mediums, the latest being silver! So fantastically fun!

I get my energy and inspiration from  collaborating and sharing ideas with my fellow-man. I totally love the concept of gestalt – meaning the whole is greater than the individual parts that make it up.  Just like all of us fabulous humans, individually we can do some pretty impressive things, but when we pull together and unite we are unstoppable!

Social media, along with its numerous downfalls, has the immense ability to connect the greatest minds. Something that would have been more challenging not that long ago. Gone are the days of smoky coffee bars, writing haiku on napkins and theorising the evolution of man. Now is the time of virtual knowledge flying through wireless connections direct to your smart device at a moments notice….Isn’t it all incredibly exciting!

B x