Out of the Darkness

It’s been a while since my last post. I guess it’s because I haven’t really had the desire to write. Life decided to throw a few curve balls my way. Like she does to everyone. Without warning or any consideration of the plans that I had. One day you wake up, ambling along your path, minding your… Continue reading Out of the Darkness

Is Humanity Dead?

WTF is Going On? Sometimes I look at the world and I despair. The news and its constant stream of awful, unimaginable destruction and inhumanity. Social media and its constant stream of vanity and self-destruction. There are so many reasons to feel a sense of hopelessness and I wonder to myself if it has always… Continue reading Is Humanity Dead?

Inner Peace and Working on Not Saying F*&k Throughout the Day

Life and All It’s Chaos It’s been a busy year to say the least. Busy doing what, who knows, but I feel tired now. Mentally and physically drained. Something needs to change in 2017 so I have decided to get proactive. I stopped over drinking and started making healthier food choices a few months back. Just doing those two things… Continue reading Inner Peace and Working on Not Saying F*&k Throughout the Day

Who the hell am I – The Search for Self-Actualisation

An introduction to self acceptance and the idea that change, for some, is the only constant and satisfying aspect of life!